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Laser Hair Removal 
Permanent Hair Removal for Men, Women, Teens

The SOPRANO - SHR Hair Removal with In-Motion Technology

**The Soprano is a gold standard diode laser that is FDA approved, and patented with it's SHR In Motion Technology. It is the most advanced technology available today.

The Soprano  offers pain free laser hair removal in a FRACTION of the time traditional lasers take.  With this NEW, In Motion technology, it is designed to reduce irritation and remove unwanted hair FASTER, while keeping your skin cool and comfortable. It is effective on fine hair as well as coarse hair and it can be safely used on all skin types. Laser Hair Removal with the Soprano can be performed on unwanted hair anywhere on the face and body.

There is no down time associated with this procedure and the results are impressive. Most patients require approximately 6 treatments to each area treated in order to achieve permanent results.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the treatment sessions like?
The length of your treatment may be from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the area to be treated. You and your technician will wear protective eyewear to avoid exposure to laser light. The area to be treated will be cleaned and shaved if necessary, and a gel will be applied. The laser hand piece will be moved along the skin and will produce a beam of highly concentrated light which will be absorbed by the pigment of the hair. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough to disable the follicles and eliminate or impede the hair’s growth.
What should I expect after the treatment?
The appearance of the treated area immediately following treatment will vary from person to person depending on the extent of the procedure and skin type. Side effects, if any, are minor. They may include redness and swelling around the hair follicle, which are, in fact, desired clinical results and indicate that the follicle has responded to the treatment. Most people return to normal
activity right away.
What happens with the hair after the treatment?
For the first few weeks the hairs will slowly shed and at first it will seem as if you have the same amount of hair or more. This will fall out and after a few weeks, the area will be smooth and hairless. Then your next cycle of hair growth will occur and you will come in for your next treatment.
Is it a one time thing?
No, laser hair removal, just like electrolysis, requires a series of treatments. Approximately 6 laser treatments are needed. Skin tone, hair color and coarseness of hair are all contributing factors to how many treatments will be needed.
How often do I have to come for treatments?
Because of the stages of hair growth, it is important that your treatments are scheduled consistently to make sure all the hairs get treated at the new hair growth cycle. For the face, treatments are 4-6 weeks apart and for body areas, 6-8 weeks is recommended.
How long does the procedure take?
Smaller areas such as underarms, upper lip, or bikini line, can be treated in about 5 minutes. A woman's legs or a man's back can be treated in about 20-30 minutes.
Why do I need multiple treatments?
Hair follicles transition through active and dormant stages. With each treatment, we will cover the entire skin surface, but only those follicles that are “active” will be impacted. Only about 20% of your hair is actively growing at any given time, so multiple treatments are necessary to ensure that we treat every single hair follicle.
What areas of the body can be treated?
Laser hair removal is safe enough to be used on any body area including face, ears, arms, chest, breast, back, underarms, bikini line, legs, hands/feet and fingers/toes.
PCOS or Hormonal issues?
Our laser, with or without electrolysis, is the solution. A series of 6-8 treatments is recommended. In some cases, anyone with a hormonal imbalance might require touch up treatments as well.
Can Hair be removed from a Tattoo?
The hair can be treated, but we cannot use laser.
Why? Laser can damage or erase your tattoo, so we have to stay within a one inch border from the ink. For example, if you have a large tattoo on your leg or back, we can treat around the tattoo with Laser but inside the tattoo would be treated with Electrolysis.
If you are planning on getting a tattoo, you may want to consider removing unwanted hair in that area first.
What if I have a Permanent Make-up Tattoo?
Today’s permanent make-up tattoos (eyebrows, cheeks, lip-liner, and eyeliner) are realistic, and while you may not want others to know about them, you must tell us to ensure a proper and safe treatment. If you are planning on getting permanent
make-up, you may want to consider removing unwanted hair in that area first.
This procedure involves the insertion of a sterile probe, the same size as the hair, into the hair follicle. A low-level electrical current (heat)
is applied that will destroy the hair follicle and surrounding cells; the hair is then removed with tweezers.
Electrolysis requires a series of treatments. The length of time and number of treatments depends on the amount of hair, its coarseness, the cause of excess hair and other factors. With each treatment, the re-growth will be finer and lighter until a follicle can no longer produce another hair.
Unlike Laser, Electrolysis can treat any hair color and it can be performed underneath the eyebrows.
Electrolysis is the only permanent method for removing blonde, red, gray or white hair.

Eyebrow Shaping and Correction

Are you still using temporary methods, like waxing, threading or tweezing? Unhappy with the shape of your eyebrows?
We can help!

Electrolysis is the perfect solution for treating eyebrows. You will achieve permanent results with a series of treatments. Treating the hair underneath the brow, as well as in between, can truly make a huge difference as it opens up and brightens the eyes and overall appearance. Because it is a very precise treatment and each hair is treated individually, the results are beautiful, natural shaped eyebrows.

Electrolysis is an effective way to remove unwanted hair and the results are permanent after a series of treatments. Electrolysis has been practiced for more than 100 years with a history of safety and effectiveness for all hair types and skin types. 

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